cuentos Children
and young public. It is an audience that has time to assimilate content through different successive layers of attention. It is a process that is kept alive in the audience's receiving capacity during a period that is projected to the extent that the form is attractive to the audience.
cuentos Textbooks
Many more are the published textbooks that contain illustrations of my authorship. Especially for language methods and for spanish language and literature. At the beginning of the century I also worked on a multimedia project with animated presentations in Flash.
ilustraciones All public
To accompany the imagination of the reading and even of the writing in occasions, by means of images is, besides the own function to behave in common with a text, one of the best ways to create memories and reminiscences in the experience of perception of proposals.
ilustraciones Adult
It is perhaps more difficult to get a visual experience remembered by an adult. Direct and sincere content is always a good idea.