cuentos Press
For this medium, whose deadlines and time margins are always tight, experience within the newsrooms is good. There you can see the way in which the correction of the texts, the elaboration of the illustration, the scale model of the page and the photo composition (although it does not exist today), are carried out in an almost miraculous way, at the same time. These were published in ABC newspaper.
ilustraciones Poetry
Although the word poetry refers primarily to literature, it is clear that there are drawings with a greater poetic charge. Poetry marks a rhythm and melodies for the music in the same way that it marks forms and tonalities for the plastic arts. The more knowledge of the techniques, means greater interpretative freedom.
ilustraciones Infographics
The word today defines many more things. In its origin, in the press, it was a way of graphical arrangement of the information that served as support to the journalistic work. These were published in El Mundo newspaper.
cuentos Natural notes
Working with natural and living models continues being a great exercise both inside and outside academic systems, and is also a good source of archival resources for future illustrations.