enrique krause buedo

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Mnemosyne T    he Atlas Mnemosyne is the posthumous and unfinished work bequeathed by the historian Aby Warburg. This project compiles and offers the images of each of the 63 plates, and makes a selection, for the elaboration of more than 250 drawings in pencil and graphite.
EvocarLaLuz T    he project of lamps or "Evoking light" is similar to an installation of backlit paintings. Screens painted in a translucent way and with the format of remnant stitching that I use for painting, so that when they are illuminated with intervals regulated by a device, they show their interior and exterior.
Pintura P    ainting is a term too carried and brought. It is reinvented, but it has always been a privileged medium. Although it is hung, supported, archived or forgotten of its usefulness, we still believe in it.
Dibujo I    n the field of art, paper is usually a space for testing. Something more provisional and fragile, but also for the same reason; more intimate. Stamping, with its low or high reproducibility, has the vocation of sharing this space.