linkapp A     ddLinks-App, in conjunction with the next application, is planned to serve as a guestbook for all users of this website. These apps has been developed by myself, and in this first one, everyone who browses these pages is encouraged to leave a link with an image that invites other visitors to your proposal or your presence on the www. It can be also a link to your social network profile.
CommentApp C    omment-App is a web application where all visitors to this site can leave a comment. No matter if it is positive or negative, it will be received with pleasure. Also any interesting comment, always within the logic of common sense and education, will be welcome. Go for it!
buboba buboba                               is an e-commerce php web application development with didactic purposes that is used in the course "JavaScript and PHP web page programming", within those corresponding to docenciaEKB. (Project in progress)