cuentos Posters
When confronted with a graphic design job, a person who comes from the illustration can self-commission a drawing for a diffusion purpose. Many times it happens that both trades do not fit together, to the best of the result. Being the same person avoids this situation.
ilustraciones GraphicWorks
Although the word poetry refers mainly to literature, it is clear that there are drawings with a greater poetic charge. This list of terms is not random, and leads me to include in this category works that served as illustrations for poetry books, but were also the main content of exhibitions.
ilustraciones Press
I have compiled here a collection of drawings made during 2005 for a magazine page that proposed a tour through central areas of major cities in Spain. To make them I used satellital photos.
cuentos Abstract
I do not know if there are many illustrators who use non-figurative images, but I have found that they can lead to broader associations of ideas in certain cases.