cuentos Languages
Class books and language method workbooks often abound in images. Illustrations are the most specific and historically traditional method used to facilitate associations between words and objects.
ilustraciones Animated
At the beginning of the century I also worked on a multimedia project with animated presentations in Flash. Currently this technology is not very utilized, so, to see them the browser may ask to download the famous plugin.
ilustraciones Various
Other subjects, such as History, Mathematics, Literature and a long etc., also use a lot of illustration, both to liven up the graphic content, and to give information material that, on many occasions the best way is to do it visually.
cuentos Unpublished
Many works that are not originally intended to illustrate, serve for later commissions. Most illustrators maintain a rhythm of work that can remain in intimacy, generally in the form of notebooks. Some of them can be rescued because it is useful for an specific project.