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It is a good amount of tales, both published books and those that are in project. My first interest in the plastic arts was always to focus on this sector. Although I always liked writing, doing it to develop drawings was an extra motive. In 1994 I illustrated my first complete book for the SM Catamaran collection. By that time I already had many in mind.
ilustraciones Broadcasting
It's about jobs mostly for the university. Sometimes the images look childish, but it is only with the intention of giving freshness and a certain sincerity that the naïve usually possesses, the message.
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The books and projects with text of my authorship, and some of authorship in collaboration, are the subject of possible editions and reeditions. Both published and unpublished books are attractive proposals.
cuentos Press
For this medium, whose deadlines and time margins are always tight, experience within the newsrooms is good. There you can see the way in which the correction of the texts, the elaboration of the illustration, the scale model of the page and the photo composition (although it does not exist today), are carried out in an almost miraculous way, at the same time.